Simex-Technology B.V.

Simex-Technology B.V. is a consultancy company specialized in heat and flow analysis. Simex offers support to industrial companies during the design of products or processes where more knowledge in the field of heat and flow is needed.

Expertise of Simex

Thermal analysis
Thermal design in products and processes supported by FEM analysis and thermal measurements.

Cooling concepts
Design of cooling concepts by means of free or forced convection with gases or liquids. Typical applications are electronics cooling and electromotor cooling.

Heating concepts
Design of heating concepts by convection, radiation and conduction.

Design of air-nozzle's and/or heaters to dry products.
Contamination Control
Preventing contamination on optical surfaces by purging clean air or nitrogen.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling
Simex has the availability of CFD-software to predict the temperature and/or flow distribution in a 3D area.

Thermal-mechanical analysis
Determing the mechanical deformation due to temperature gradients.

Air bearing design and calculations
Simex has more then 25 years experience in the design of air bearings. In house a 3-D Finite Element Software package has been developed to calculate air bearing characteristics accurately.